Hakan Soytemiz

TekirdağRedmagazinecolumnistleftistSeptember 21 2010Soytemiz, a columnist for the leftist political monthly Red (Rejection), was being held at Tekirdağ F Type Prison on charges of being a member of Devrimci Karargah, or Revolutionary Headquarters, which the government designates as a terrorist organization, and possessing a false identity card. He faced 15 years upon conviction. As evidence, the indictment cited Soytemiz’s 2004 interactions with a reputed Devrimci Karargah member named Ulaş Erdoğan. At the time, the indictment said, Soytemiz had enlisted Erdoğan’s help in selling a publication named Haziran (June). The indictment also cited as evidence Soytemiz’s shipment of packages, but it does not describe the content of the packages or their relationship to the case. The recipients were identified by name but their role in the case was not explained. Prosecutors also alleged that Soytemiz was linked to another journal, Demokratik Dönüşüm (Democratic Transformation), which they considered to be a publication of Devrimci Karargah. Authorities said Soytemiz’s name appeared on bills connected to the journal. Authorities also cited as evidence Soytemiz’s attendance at rallies of the Communist Party of Turkey, which is a legal entity, his use of a mobile phone registered in someone else’s name, and unspecified phone conversations. Authorities also alleged that he possessed an identity card in his brother’s name. A previous conviction on charges of aiding an armed terror organization, the Turkey Revolution Party, was also used as evidence against him. Soytemiz served nearly four years in that case.being a member of Revolutionary Headquartersbeing a member of Revolutionary Headquarters